Ryan Roberts and his wife Brittany, son Declan, and daughter Shyloh.



Sarah's Story

Sarah sat undecided about her abortion inside of the Whole Woman's Health Clinic in Fort Worth, but she could hear the voice of a man begging her not to go through with it outside.  As she exited the clinic, she was walking to her car in the adjacent parking lot, and walked right by Ryan.  Ryan started a conversation with Sarah and she shared with Ryan that she was 12 weeks pregnant, but the financial burden of having another child would be too much to bear.  Ryan prayed with Sarah and invited her to church and even picked her and some of her kids up for that Sunday's service.  She quickly became friends with Maria Lohse from Milestone and Sarah made the decision to keep her precious little baby!  Sarah is now 6 months pregnant and is possibly considering letting Ryan and his wife Brittany adopt her baby unless she changes her mind and wants to raise the baby herself.

Michelle's Story

Michelle was on the verge of going through with her abortion procedure, but as she sat at her house depressed and hopeless, she happened to come across the Abortion Clinic LIVE stream on Ryan's facebook page.  After watching one of the videos, she knew in her heart that she needed to keep her child and cancel her abortion appointment.  Though she was miles away from the clinic Ryan was at, she simply texted @saveaheart to 81010 and let Ryan and his team know this:

"I'm just having a hard time with being pregnant with no support and that's kinda what I am looking for.  I got pregnant and honestly was going to have an abortion until I watched your videos and was asking for a sign that I could handle it." -Michelle